Legal Rules and Regulations Governing the E Scooter Industry in Germany

On June 14, 2019, a regulation on the use of light electric vehicles on public roads was published in Germany’s Federal Law Gazette, which legalised light electric vehicles on German roads. Furthermore, a 50-page ordinance by the Federal Ministry of Transport suggested the rules for riding e-scooters in Germany. The ordinance even specifies the definition of e-scooters, more precisely, ‘light electric vehicles’ that include e-scooters and Segways.

According to that definition, a light electric vehicle is a motor vehicle with an electric drive and a top speed of no less than 6 km/h (3.7 mph) and no more than 20 km/h (15.5 mph). In addition, there are other regulations, such as a light electric vehicle having a continuous rated power of no more than 500 watts, or no more than 1400 watts if at least 60% of the power is used for self-balancing. Therefore, if an electric scooter does not meet those criteria stipulated by the ordinance, it will not be considered legal.

 Rules for Riding E-scooters in Germany

E-scooters are legal in Germany till they comply with the light electric vehicle laws. Therefore, people can drive e-scooters on German roads for personal use within laws. Therefore, it is very important to buy electric scooters from an e-scooter manufacturer that produces legal e-scooters. Have a look at the most important rules on the legality of e-scooters in Germany. 

        You should be more than 14 years old to ride light electric vehicles.

        An electric vehicle cannot have a top speed of more than 20 km/h.  

        Your e-scooter must have two independent brakes.

        An electric scooter must have one ringing bell or some acoustic horn.

        E-scooter riders may use only bike lanes or shared lanes for pedestrians and bikes.

        Your electric scooter must have valid insurance, and it should meet the requirements for deceleration devices, audible warning, lighting, and other safety measures.

        Wearing a helmet while riding an electric scooter is not mandatory.  

Where to Buy Legal E-scooters in Germany?

You can buy e-scooters from the retail stores of top manufacturers of e-scooters in Germany, and/or you can also buy an electric scooter online. Okai is a leading manufacturer of e-scooters and bikes in Europe. It has a vast catalogue of legal e-scooters for German roads. You can check its official website to explore more.  


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